A course is only as good as what the students get out of it. Was it a great value? Did those who completed it see real results?

Here’s what former students who completed Travel Writing Overdrive had to say:

“I’ve been a travel journalist for the last six years but enrolled in Tim Leffel’s on-line course, Travel Writing Overdrive, hoping for fresh insights and practical tips from a pro in the industry. The course has been a goldmine of information. If you’re looking for ways to expand your travel writing income through multiple revenue streams, Tim’s comprehensive program shows you how to do just that. It’s never to late to ramp up your travel writing success!”

Nancy Mueller

“Right after finishing Module 4 and tweaking a pitch the right, expert-focused way, I landed a Penang-based assignment for CNN Travel only 15 minutes after I pitched! Awesome!”

Marco Ferrarese

“As an online course junkie (especially anything to do with freelance writing, blogging, and online business) I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the topic. After taking Tim’s Travel Writing Overdrive course and reading Travel Writing 2.0 I can honestly say I may be cured. Tim’s years of experience in the field and his straightforward approach to teaching opened my eyes to so many possibilities I had not thought of. I am now moving forward with new blogs and freelance opportunities with the confidence that I CAN and WILL make a decent living in this business. I am practicing what Tim preaches by diversifying my skills and the future is already looking great. TWO is one of the few courses I have taken that I can say without a doubt is well worth the money!”

Sarah Hughes

Since following Tim Leffel’s course, I’ve landed bylines in publications like Travel + Leisure, Backpacker Essentials, 4WD Touring Australia, SurfGirl Magazine, Boating Magazine, Skyscanner Australia, and many more. I also became a contributing author for a book and developed brand partnerships for my travel blog. Tim’s one-on-one consulting highlighted which of my actions would likely pay off and which are potentially be a waste of time, saving me time and increasing my income. I highly recommend this course to anyone starting or wanting to further their career in travel writing.”

Chantae Reden

“I joined Travel Writing Overdrive not so much for the content, but for the motivation and accountability to help me get done what I already know needs to get done. I’ve moved past analysis paralysis and taken important steps forward with my web publishing projects. The opportunity to share and discuss ideas in an honest and supportive environment is worth many times more than the price of admission.”

David Nikel

“Since beginning Travel Writing Overdrive I’ve landed a regular column, gotten into a new major publication, and launched a more focused blog. I keep thinking of friends who are struggling writers or who want to be writers, and I wish they’d take this course. Unfortunately, I think that most of them aren’t willing to invest the money in their own careers. I am confident that anyone who does pay for the course will benefit from it in every way, and I expect to make back many times the cost of tuition, soon!”

Gillian Kendall

Tim is sensible and helpful, really down to earth and pleasant. He knows what he’s talking about and is willing to share what works, from the view of an experienced, professional travel writer. Tim tells you what he’s learned through building and running his own successful, independent career and what he has gleaned from other successful writers. That is the kind of person I want to listen to!

Jill Browne